2 Corinthians 9:8

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.


His grace

What we need, what we want

His grace

What many seek, yet so easy to find

His grace

It fixes the broken, opens hearts and gives freedom from sin

His grace

It’s enough to clear your debt, enough to pardon sin, 7 times 70 every day.

His grace

No matter what you do, no matter how many times you’re wrong, it always picks you back up

His grace

When you wake up in the morning and hate what you see because of what you did yesterday, just remember

His grace

When you’re a leader yet you fall time and time again, struggling, remember what you have

His grace

When you are running the race, yet you keep going back to start

His grace

When you hear voices telling you to quit, telling you you’re worthless, saying you’ll never be forgiven

His grace

It’s always with you, always washing you clean

His grace

It never fails, even though you will, it will never leave you, even when everyone else does

His grace

It belongs to you.  Jesus Christ died and rose for you to have it.  Don’t turn Him down.

There’s only One way, and that’s through

His grace


Matthew 6:14-15

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Everyone wants grace.  Whatever race, religion, or age, we all want someone to tell us “it’s ok.  You made a mistake, but I forgive you.”  Humanity seeks forgiveness.  That’s why many crimes are committed because since grace can’t be found, they decide to waste their life.  Grace is salvation.  It pulls us out of the pit.  It’s power isn’t used as often as it should.  When you tell someone “I forgive you”, even though that person should be punished, lectured, or even killed for their crime, it releases their soul from the guilt.  Some will reject grace because of pride in their heart, but those that accept it will be transformed.  Do you have sins that need forgiving?  Did someone hurt you and you still hold a grudge or hate in your heart?  This will eat you up from the inside, and the hardest part is not knowing how to get rid of it.  Not forgiving someone is a demonic trap from the devil, and God hates it.  He will not forgive you unless you forgive others.  Grace can be painful because you need to die to your pride and forgive people that hurt you, even if you didn’t do anything wrong.  Yet, that’s what God does every day!

How many times do you think this situation happens to God?  Someone will commit a sin that they know they shouldn’t do, God warns them one way or another, but they go ahead and do it anyway!  Then, as soon as they do it, they ask God to forgive them and then pretend like they didn’t know what happened, or they blame the devil for causing them to sin.  What does God do?  He forgives them.  He forgives us, even when we do commit sins that we know we shouldn’t.

When my mother and father got divorced when I was 2, I didn’t realize the pain or rejection until I got into my teen years.  I wanted a father in my life.  Since he left me, I had deep wounds and I didn’t want to forgive him for what he did.  I found out he married another woman and had other children.  This infuriated me more, and even though he knew where I was, he didn’t visit me, call me, or anything.  I never saw him.  So one day while I took a walk and thought about the hatred I had for him, God spoke to me clearly.  He said to my heart, “Do you believe he’s thinking the same thing?  Is your dad thinking about what he did?  Does he even care?”  I told God “I doubt it.”  Then God said “If he doesn’t care, and isn’t thinking about this, why don’t you just forgive him and let the whole thing go?”  It was hard, but right there, I forgave my father for never being the father I needed and the grace of God washed over me.  It felt like a ton of weight was lifted off.  When I accepted his grace, the hate left.  God wants to do the same for you today.  Tell God right now, where you are, that you want to forgive that person.  Let those that hurt you go.  Pray this prayer:

Lord Jesus, in your name, I forgive (name the person) for what they’ve done to me.  What they did wasn’t right, and it damaged my life.  Right now, I willingly decide to forgive them.  I release their lives to you Father.  You said that we need to bless our enemies and pray for them, so I bless their lives right now in Jesus name and pray that they will also know Your grace.  Thank you Father, because right now, I am free, and I won’t hold what they did against me anymore.  I am free!  The devil has no more power in my life.  They are forgiven in Jesus name.  Amen

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