Welcome To Illumination Poetry!

Thanks for finding me. My name is Michael, and somehow you found my little nook on the internet. I published a book titled Illuminationswhich is a compilation of poetry that I penned years ago. God inspired with traces of my own life etched into each one, it was just something I wanted to create for myself and those that I hope would be impacted by it.

This is a side-project I wanted to put together, which is basically a place to highlight all my poetry. I have not written much poetry recently, mainly because I did not know what to do with them. My main writing is done over at my blog Gaming and God, or sometimes I post on Beneath The Tangles as a staff writer. Being that poetry doesn’t fall under video games or anime, that left my poetry digitally homeless.

The thought came to me that I could just purchase a domain, which was only $10 for the year, and add them all here. I feel as a writer, when I have a place to express myself freely then I can write more without constraint. That has always been my biggest fault as a writer. It’s not the “blank page” that makes me hesitate, but the feeling that what I am writing won’t fit the topic. This I know is not something I should be dwelling on, so every time I write (even this!) I remind myself that I am a good writer, I can write, and that God will use everything I do somehow for His glory.

I’m glad that you passed by, and I hope you can check out my poetry or my book! God bless and have an awesome rest of your day/night.

-Mike (Samuru)

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