Our Generation

Isaiah 60:15

 15 “Although you have been forsaken and hated,

       with no one traveling through,

       I will make you the everlasting pride

       and the joy of all generations.

A young man driving fast, blasting music through his car stereo.

He had dreams to leave a legacy, but bad decisions and steel bars put them to rest.

Another fatherless dot on the map.

This is their generation.

A young girl waits on her couch.  Wearing very little and showing too much.

Her parents were working late.  A knock on the door, a few hours later she was a mother.

This is their generation.

A dark corner hides the sales of fiends.  Teenage clients exchanging their lives for short pleasures.

They pay any price to satisfy their lusts.

This is their generation.

There are crowds gathering throughout the world.  Thousands are racing to clubs, supermarkets, theaters, streets, everywhere, hunting the greatest treasure.

Hands full of fire and hearts overflowing with life.

This is my generation.

Miracles are happening.  Cripples walk, blind eyes open, demons running.

No more games, no more holding back.

His voice:  their guide.  His hand:  their shield.  His word:  their manual.  His love:  their foundation.

This is my generation.

They don’t want your sermons, don’t need your programs.  They want true freedom.

They want an experience.  They desire His glory.  They are hungry.  They are desperate.

This is our generation!

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